What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) can take on many different forms, but the main aim is to build a positive profile within your chosen public audience, through unpaid channels i.e. not through advertising.

The media plays a major role in PR and the art is to positively promote your business through different media channels without having to directly pay for it. A news story written by a journalist about your business is far more credible because it is an independent third party source, rather than an advert that you have paid to appear in a publication which is just you promoting you.


But gaining this coverage requires much more work. For a journalist or blogger to write about your business it needs to be newsworthy which means your story needs to be new or it needs to be relevant and it needs to appeal to the audience.

Using a PR company, like ourselves, means you are utilising the knowledge and skills of PR professionals who know how to build good relationships with journalists and how to write effective press releases to give you the best chance of gaining positive coverage in your key publications and online channels. And positive coverage builds your reputation, fosters trust and increases your potential customer base.

So, successful PR is far more lucrative, and cheaper, than advertising, but it is not guaranteed. We cannot control journalists, we cannot make them write about you, that is why we work hard on your behalf to build relationships and find newsworthy angles to increase your chances of coverage and gain that all important third party journalist endorsement. And each and every time you get that independent coverage it is just as exciting for us as it is for you because it means we’ve helped you and your business.

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