Media Relations

Media Relations is all about how you, your company or your products are perceived in the media. If you want to raise your profile and engage with your audience, then we can help. This might be within your geographic area, your industry or with your potential customer base.


Press Release Writing, Distribution and Coverage

We can write an engaging press release about the news you want to share and circulate it to target media outlets on your behalf. We will make sure it gets in front of the right people to give your news the best chance of being picked up and turned into a story.

A press release needs to be newsworthy and written in a specific way in order to grab the attention of relevant journalists and, ultimately, a professionally written piece saves journalists time which can enhance your chances of that all important independent coverage.

Distribution can include local and national newspapers, consumer magazines, trade publications, local and national radio and tv, bloggers, online magazines and news sources. We can also send you coverage reports so you know where your story has successfully been published.



Source Pitching & Business Profiling

We pitch you to relevant journalists as an expert source in your field who is perfectly placed to provide comments and quotes on any stories regarding your specialist industry area. This kind of strategic PR cannot be bought and requires different levels of media relationship building, but can position you as a go to person in your industry.

Media Planning

If you require a more strategic approach to your PR then a media planning session is recommended. During this meeting we'll discuss your business, service and/or product goals, target audiences, story angles, relevant media outlets and come up with a media strategy to get you out there. If you're already in a planning frame of mind then a Success Package will be well suited to you.

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